Bhaktapur is the city of rich culture, ancient temples, and fine, intricate carvings. Bhaktapur, with its medieval alleys and famous wood carvings, is an essential visit on your tours to Nepal. Bhaktapur contains enchanting alleyways, charming courtyards and ancient houses. Located 14 km in the east corner of Kathmandu on the old trade route to Tibet. charming red brick houses and a way of life that goes back to medieval times. This ancient city is also famous for pottery and woodcarving amply displayed on the squares and windows respectively. Bhaktapur showcases the very best of Nepal’s ancient charms, in particular the culture and work of the Newari people (the indigenous people of the Kathmandu valley). This place was founded in the 9th century and is shaped like a conch shell. The city is at the height of 4600 ft. Above sea level. In Bhaktapur you will visit the Durbar Square with its array of temples overlooked by the palace of 55 Windows built by King Bupatindra Malla, the Nytapola Teple. This temple, which was also built by king Bhupatindra Malla, is the best example of the Pagoda style and stands on five terraces, on each of which stands a pair of figures, famous strong men, elephants, lions, griffins and goddesses. Time permitting, a visit to the museum of Thanka painting can also be considered. A 30 minute walk brings you to the Dattatraya temple and Pujari Math which can also be done provided there is plenty of time at the clients' disposal. It is also known for its traditional clay pottery, clay masks and wooden crafts. Bhaktapurfounded by King Ananda Dev in 889 A.D.

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