Kathmandu Durbar Square(Hanuman Dhoka)

The UNESCO world heritage site-Kathmandu Durbar Square is well renowned as Hanuman Dhoka Palace which is Nepal’s most popular site as a historical and cultural heart. The main palace and monuments of around built in medieval age by Malla Dynasty kings. The antique historical palace bears Nepal’s former reminisce of Royal family, traditional culture, authentic architecture and arts as well main festive ceremonial site.

Also at this location, you'll see the Taleju Temple (Temple towering more than 40 meters), Jagannath Temple, Kal Bhairav(God of Wrath), Nautale Durbar, Nasal Chowk, the hall of public audience (Gaddhi Baithak), the big bell, the big drum, statue of the King Pratap Malla in praying gesture (see above left), a 17th Century Kumari (the living Goddess) Temple, Ashok Vinayak(Kathmandu Ganesh and a temple without a filial), the Kasthamandap (which is said to have been built out of a single tree) from which the Kathmandu city got its name and 17th century old stone inscriptions which is written in 15 different languages as well amazing wooden art carvings.

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