Nepal is a country of beautiful scenic landscapes with an abundance of both natural and cultural heritage. With eight of the ten highest peaks in the world is located here and various other peaks at stray, several hundred rivers all suitable for adventure rafting, ideal safari and wildlife areas and so much more to explore should certainly make Nepal the most attractive destination for adventure tourism.

With so much culture and tradition poured into one small piece of land, most tourists that come here are attracted by the various forms of art and cultures that Nepal has to offer. Over a 125 different castes and societies live peacefully among each other within the boundaries of this small piece of heaven.

Nepal’s cultural landscape is every bit as diverse as its physical one. Its peoples belong to a host of distinctive ethnic groups, and speak a host of languages. They live in everything from dense, ancient cities erupting with pagoda-roofed Hindu temples to villages perched on dizzying sweeps of rice-farming terraces and dusty highland settlements clustered around tiny monasteries. Religious practices range from Indian-style Hinduism to Tibetan Buddhism and from nature-worship to shamanism – the indigenous Newars, meanwhile, blend all these traditions with their own, intense tantric practices.

Land of a thousand temples. The nickname was not excessive given to Nepal. In the Valley of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, at least seven large complex Hindu or Buddhist temples thousands of years old. In every temple complex can be found tens or even hundreds of temples, big and small, built by a variety of different dynasties monarch ever ruled in Nepal. Seventh temple complex, are entirely protected heritage site of the United Nations (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites).

Each part of Nepal has its own, historical, geographical, cultural, traditional and religious significance, rich biodiversity and ethnic diversity. This aspect has made a visit to Nepal so much intriguing, exciting and wonderful. Almighty Himalayas of Nepal has held the entire world under its spell. Each year people in huge number come to Everest for Mountain expedition and trekking in Nepal. Nepal houses numerous unbelievably exotic locales. Cultural heritage like the royal palace with intricately carved doors and windows and beautiful courtyards adorned with exquisite icons, temples built with excellent artistic craftsmanship, art pieces designed in stone, metal, terracotta ivory etc has presented Nepal as an exquisite open museum before the world.

here we have ten of the most amazing places you could travel to while you’re in, or planning to visit Nepal. However, being a Nepali myself I have selected the places on my own discretion so, most of the other popular places to visit in Nepal, especially ones that are advertised a lot on other sites may not be enlisted below… so now… here we have ten of the most life-defining travel destinations in Nepal.

Your tours to Nepal will be matched with the overwhelming friendliness of the locals. The Nepalese are renowned for their hospitality. Nepalese people are arguably the warmest, most welcoming nation in the world, making for a very pleasant experience for the traveler.

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